My name is Audrey Bell-Jenkins and I am running for Phoenix City Council District 5. I decided to run for a political office because I believe we need to see a focus on more advocacy for solutions to on-going social issues in District 5 like better jobs and income, better education opportunities, and addressing the growing homeless population.


I’ve earned a Bachelors Degree in Human Services Management and I have extensive experience in social work . I currently serve as a Commissioner with the City of Phoenix Human Services Commission.  I am presently employed as Workforce Development Specialist with UMOM New Day Center, the largest homeless shelter in Maricopa County.


Along with my husband, I’ve managed a non-profit transitional facility where I have successfully used my expertise in life-coaching and workforce development to assist individuals in reintegrating themselves back into the community after recovering from addiction, domestic violence, and homelessness.


I have collaborated with many agencies in Phoenix to facilitate Teen Empowerment Summits and Women Empowerment Groups to empower them with skills in self-advocacy; self-esteem; and coping skills. It is important to build up our families to be self-sustaining.


My expertise with Workforce Development has provided me with insights and experience about the resources to assist the larger community, which in-turn will develop economic empowerment in our community.


If we can get more social service shelters for the homeless population, this will aid in keeping our business store fronts and our parks cleared, and will result in shelter and employment for our homeless. Our unemployment rates may be going down but our homeless rate is increasing. Currently there are over 6200 homeless individuals in the Phoenix/Maricopa County.


I am also a strident advocate for our Community Colleges. I saw the result in my own family: My two daughters used the community college career path to catapult their successful careers in journalism and business management, without getting stuck with overwhelming amounts of student loans. I want to expand these opportunities so all District 5 residents to have a path to a college-level education and better economic future without a huge financial burden.


I ask for your support. Vote for Audrey Bell-Jenkins on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 for your Phoenix City Councilwoman in District 5. Vote to solve community problems.






Audrey Bell-Jenkins




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